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SOLA Deli, operated by Camdon Richardson, is an internationally-inspired and Louisiana themed deli concept in Auction House Market. The company focuses on creating small-batch products with locally sourced ingredients. Hailing from his native Shreveport, Camdon has spent years working in retail and specialty environments.

The menu focuses on cured and cooked meats made onsite and cut to order, and fresh, house-made accoutrements, including aiolis, pickles, and jellies. You can expect a po-boy with in-house brined and roasted Cajun turkey, green onion cream cheese, and apple slaw on traditional French bread. He also blends in other inspirations using local ingredients like the pork tenderloin sandwich with Spanish-seasoned shaved pork, manchego cheese, house-made chimi-churri, and pickled redonions on a ciabatta loaf. Additionally, SOLA Deli offers salads, prepared meals to-go, and their bottled spices and olive oils.