Chris and Sandy Minias will soon open a new eclectic Mediterranean concept, Alpha, in Auction House Market. The couple, originally from Egypt, has been cooking at local food festivals, events and fairs for years. Their new menu will be influenced by a balance of traditional and modern eastern dishes well known in North Africa, Greece and the Middle East.

Alpha will focus on wholesome, healthy and savory ingredients and spices. Diners will enjoy a mezze selection, including hummus and baba-ganoush, served with house-made pita chips. A variety of salads, including fattoush, greek, and tabouli will be served as main or side dishes. The main Mediterranean delight will be a crispy and glazed baklava. To preserve tradition, Alpha will recreate authentic dishes as passed down from generation to generation, and will incorporate modern inspiration, as with their gyro wrap topped with French fries. Alpha plans to deliver delicacies designed to meet varied tastes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Along with meals, a line-up of refreshing and flavorful beverages will be served daily.